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to purchase sheep; 8 persons to purchase bullocks; and, 8 persons

to purchase milch sbe~buffaloes :

While the land assigned to them is infertile and

irrigation facilities, the loans were given in kind by officials who

did not take care to select healthy animals.   Many of these

had died.   Only a pair of bullocks, and a flock of 10 sheep still

remain out of the whole lot.

The Govenif&ent has* in the pipeline,  the                of

providing electric lighting facility to the villagers            n

for each house scheme, but so far steps have not been          for its

The Mandal Development Officer, Bobbili has recently

arranged for the excavation of a drinking water well under the

Jivan Dhara Scheme. It has yet to be completed.

A housing colony is promised to those people. In the

last three years little was done except to build basement of eight

houses. When even these few would be completed is anybody's


S.   Income :

The income of the Gadabas from the sale of firewood

varies from day to day depending upon the price struck for a

headload. The average income is Rs. IO/- for a fieadload. The

Gadabas do not bring these headloads every day. Most of them

are aenaemic and sickly. Some of them suffer from fever very

often. So, it may be assumed that their working days are only

200 a year and that their income per annum is Rs. 2,OOQ/- from

*heir main occupation.

Usually they have secondary occupations such as the sale

of other forest products like brooms, leaves, roots, fruits etc. But

these do not bring in more than Rs, 200/~ a year.